Wow! Is A Mobile Cannabis Dispensary Stopping in Central Texas Soon? –

Texas recently expanded access to medical marijuana, and now a mobile dispensary is hitting the road to educate Texans on cannabis.

According to a press release from Parallel, the company behind goodblend Texas, a CannaBus tour is set to roll through Central Texas in November.

What’s the CannaBus tour?

goodblend Texas has launched the first-of-its-kind mobile cannabis dispensary and educational tour across the state of Texas to bring awareness to the state’s medical cannabis program and provide a simple experience for prospective patients who need a medical cannabis prescription.

The Texas Compassionate Use Program

This goodblend CannaBus tour follows Texas House Bill 1535, which significantly expanded access to the Texas Compassionate Use Program (TCUP, Program) by adding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and all forms of cancer to the list of qualifying conditions. With the addition of these conditions, millions more Texans now qualify for the TCUP. Today, less than ten thousand patients are currently registered in the Program.

“While it’s great news that more Texans with specific conditions may be eligible to benefit from the Texas Compassionate Use Program, the challenge is that most Texans simply do not know that medical cannabis exists as a treatment option or that it

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