What’s The Deal With CBD-Infused Clothes?

Whether it’s food, beauty, fitness, or pet care industry, the CBD trend is making its mark on just about every sector. What started with simple oral tinctures, capsules, and vaping solutions has involved into cosmetics, personal-care products, food, drinks, and other consumables – all enriched with cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is an unstoppable trend that apparently has no limits. Its popularity has increased over the past few years, in response to the softening of Federal and local laws and the commercialisation of CBD oil. Just when you might think there was nowhere left for CBD to go, an unexpected new frontier has appeared.

Today, CBD is joining the fashion world with infused clothing, activewear, and even uniforms for hospital workers. CBD infused apparel is created in the hope of helping people that are prone to chronic pain, muscle soreness, and other ailments. While most people prefer to get potential benefits of cannabidiol from oils, salves, or creams, CBD clothes might be a promising method to receive a positive impact. 

What Is CBD?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a natural substance that is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plants and usually mixed with carrier oils like hemp seed, coconut, MCT, olive

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