Weed dispensary software company's ambitions pruned after Spotify trademark clash – The Register

It’s back to the drawing board for a cannabis dispensary software company after an attempt to register the trademark “Potify” attracted the ire of music streaming platform Spotify.

According to an opinion [PDF] from the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), which rejected its registration application and found in favour of Spotify, “Potify” was intended to be:

downloadable software for use in searching, creating and making compilations, rankings, ratings, reviews, referrals and recommendations relating to medical marijuana dispensaries and doctor’s offices and displaying and sharing a user’s location and finding, locating, and interacting with other users and place…

The software also had scope for selling clothing merch, “providing consumer information in the field of medical marijuana dispensary inventories and locations”, forums, and more.

Spotify, however, had other ideas – and it’s easy to see why. The “Potify” branding as shown in the document looks pretty much like Spotify’s, with the “S” and circle logo omitted, and starting with a lower-case “p”.

The company provided a bunch of evidence for why “US Software Inc” shouldn’t get away with it, including that it has held the mark for 13 years and is a “famous” name, but the argument mostly

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