Village of Ruidoso Council suggests moratorium needed on permits for cannabis dispensaries – Ruidoso News

The Village of Ruidoso Council in its July 7 workshop considered proposed survey questions regarding legalized cannabis to help the council craft policies for dealing with the newly passed state law allowing adult recreational use of cannabis. 

Stakeholders, including residents, property owners and business owners, must register to participate in the survey. Not every registrant will be selected to participate in the survey – selection will be random –  managed by FlashVote. FlashVote is a company which provides community data and survey services.

The questions in the survey were the result of a report by the Village’s steering committee. The Council suggested several changes to the survey questions which would better help them, officials said, make ordinance and policy decisions.

Registration will be done via text message, social media and the Village’s website. Registration was expected to open for the survey once the survey questions were amended.

Ruidoso Mayor Lynn Crawford said he attended a cannabis conference in Santa Fe last week. 

“They (New Mexico political leaders) made it clear that we couldn’t keep it out of the communities; that state law supersedes our ability, so you have to require certain ordinance …,” Crawford said.

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