US Student And Medical Marijuana Patient Charged With Drug Possession In Russia

Audrey Elizabeth Lorber, an American film student, is currently behind bars in Russia facing marijuana possession charges. Russian authorities allege Lorber illegally brought cannabis into the country after police discovered over 19 grams in her possession at the Pulkovo Airport. Based in New York, Lorber is a registered medical cannabis patient. But Russian courts say Lorber’s New York medical cannabis authorization doesn’t extend to Russia. Russia harshly penalizes drugs, and marijuana possession charges can carry a sentence of up to three years.

U.S. Film Student Pleads Guilty in Russian Court

Audrey Lorber majors in film at Pace University in Manhattan. And her recent social media posts show she’s been traveling across Russia with her mother. Now, however, Lorber is facing drug possession charges in St. Petersburg for carrying her medical cannabis with her into Russia.

On September 2, St. Petersburg courts announced the criminal case against Lorber via Telegram. Translated, the post accuses Lorber of committing a crime under Part 1 of Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The post specifies that the charges allege Lorber obtained the cannabis in the United States. A search of her luggage in the Pulkovo airport turned up the 19.05

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