Transitioning Your Dispensary From Medical to Adult-Use: What to Consider – Cannabis Dispensary

Colorado is one of the longest-standing states to welcome cannabis, legalizing it for medical use in 2000 and adult use in 2012.

Dispensaries established in the early onset of Colorado’s cannabis market were poised to learn how to successfully transition from a medical-only market to a new and unknown adult-use market.

Simply Pure, the first Black-owned cannabis company in Denver, established itself in the Colorado cannabis market in July 2010, when it launched its edibles company.

Adult-use sales later began in Colorado in 2014. At the time, Simply Pure had an established medical cannabis dispensary and had purchased a medical cannabis facility which was later transitioned into a recreational facility, said Wanda James, the founder and CEO of Simply Pure.

But Simply Pure’s expansion from the medical to adult-use market was not simple.

James described it as “a process.”

Here, James explains Simply Pure’s transition and provides insights and tips on how dispensaries can make the changeover to the adult-use market a smooth one.

Train Employees on Regulatory Changes

With the legalization of recreational cannabis comes a new list of regulations. James recommends that dispensaries train their employees to ensure they are well versed in the different rules for recreational

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