Town Cannabis Task Force pulls Princeton Shopping Center as potential dispensary zone – The Daily Princetonian

In Thursday’s Cannabis Task Force (CTF) Economic & Community Impact subgroup meeting, the Princeton Shopping Center was pulled from consideration as a potential dispensary zone because the owner was not interested in leasing to a dispensary.

There are still six zones up for consideration, consisting of Witherspoon North, Dinky Station, and the Central Business District.


“If there are ever new owners, we can reconsider the shopping center,” said CTF Chair and Council member Eve Niedergang.

There was also talk about how close dispensaries should be to schools, and a 200-foot distance was deemed appropriate, based on liquor store distances in the town.

CTF Council member Udi Ofer felt strongly that the council should stick to the 200-foot rule, instead of putting new guidelines in place.

“I think the regulation of cannabis should be similar to the regulation of alcohol,” Ofer said. “I have two young children, and I take both of them to Nassau Pediatrics. There’s a huge liquor store literally next door and it doesn’t bother me or my kids. Didn’t bother anyone. So I think that we

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