Tom’s Palms Carries On Family Tradition

CANNABIS CULTURE – “Everyone knew him as Big Tom. I grew up watching my Dad feed people.” 

Homelessness in Phoenix has skyrocketed by nearly 40% since 2017.

As of January 2020, there were over 7400 people experiencing homelessness in the Valley. This statistic was very likely a significant undercount according to experts then.

It is certainly a massive undercount now as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic & a concomitant severe economic recession.

Metro Phoenix currently only has 1200 emergency shelter beds. 

Tammy Broselow is the founder of a Phoenix based, cannabis fuelled community support and homelessness outreach non-profit project called Tom’s Palms, lovingly named after Broselow’s father.

Her Dad –  “Big” Tom – was a truck driver for most of of his life.

He drove all over California. On the road, he met countless homeless people with signs pleading for help, letting their fellow humans know they were hungry.

Big Tom invited these people to sit down to a meal with him.

“He always had his New Testament with him. He believed we all should try to be more like Jesus Christ.” Broselow says she does her best to follow her father’s example.

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