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Contrary to the beliefs of some of the more skeptical among us, not every person who uses cannabis is looking to get stoned out of their mind.

In the medical marijuana community — the real one, where real people use weed to assist with real maladies — patients have to walk a tightrope, balancing cannabis’ health benefits against its propensity to send its users into outer space. Among this group, a high tolerance is regarded as a gift, one that enables a marijuana consumer to treat what ails them without a debilitating high coming along for the ride.

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And for those who use cannabis to treat pain — present company included — things can be especially tricky. That’s because the vast majority of the strains that are most effective at pain management are indica dominants, meaning you’re likely to have to deal with couchlock and a serious case of the munchies as side effects of your medication. Oftentimes, when you really have to get some shit done, you’re forced to choose between working while hurting or working while you barely have the energy to do anything. It’s a no-win

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