Texas Nurses Deliver CBD For Holistic Approach to Healthcare

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Gina Hogan and Alisha Northern, two nurses with decades of medical experience, launched TX Canna RN (TXCRN) together.

“We’re holistic. We’re treating the whole person. Your psycho-social, your emotional, and what’s happening physically all kind of work together,” Gina says.

Their company – started as a booth at a local farmer’s market – is a grassroots medical cannabis business that helps Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) clients navigate the changing policies and latest innovations in plant medicine. And they deliver. 

Now –  TXCRN promotes full plant use, especially in combination with other herbs. Their cooperating distributors provide pre-rolled combustibles and oils that contain other herbs like lavender, and sage. These herbs support the entourage effect that full flower provides. Gina acknowledges plant medicine is manifold, cannabis or not. “There’s so much we can do with just herbs and spices in our cabinet.”

Combustibles affect patients instantly.

Bioavailable CBD oil takes longer to kick in. Education on the scientific differences is core to TXCRN mission statement.

One obstacle that complicates their work is a lack of understanding among the medical community. 

“There’s so much education we need to do… because that endocannabinoid system (ECS) is really helping to guide

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