Super-Majority of Poll Respondents Vote to Expunge Cannabis Convictions

CANNABIS CULTURE – In a recent survey of over 7000 Washington citizens performed and published by, 70% of respondents supported expunging non-violent cannabis convictions.  The details of the survey were released this week.  This poll was taken from a socially diverse group of US citizens in Washington, and the results clearly showed an overwhelming number in agreement with the proposal to eliminate the criminal records of incarcerated individuals involving cannabis-related offences, with only 17% saying that they were in opposition.  

Also this week, the US House of Representatives held a vote to pass the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act, with the final vote being 228 to 164 in favour of the act.  This will allow the removal of marijuana prohibition at a federal level, eradicate federal cannabis-related convictions, and allow states to expedite the review and abolishment of state-level marijuana records. The MORE Act passed with 81% Democratic approval, 69% from Independents, and 57% from Republicans with only 5 Republicans voting in favour of the bill.  

Cannabis Culture had the opportunity to get a statement about the importance of this poll and the recent vote by the US House of Representatives from NORML, an organization that works

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