Slovakia Becomes Last European State to Legalize CBD in the EU

Slovakia, a member country of the European Union, just became the last nation to formally declare on a federal level that CBD is not psychotropic. As of March 18, the Ministry of Health submitted a formal proposal to legalize cannabidiol, using the United Nations ruling as a guideline.

This is hardly news. After all, CBD was officially reclassified as “not a narcotic” at the European level last fall. This in turn, effectively created an environment within the EU on a regional level, at least for hemp, much like the United States post 2018 Farm Bill. Slovakia is just the last sovereign government to “get the memo.”

Yet the road from here is still far from clear. 

Issues Still at The Table in Slovakia and Other Countries

The fact of the matter is that the debate on the many issues surrounding homogeneity on cannabis regulations across the EU are just getting started. That includes how CBD fits into products consumed by both humans and pets. It also includes much larger issues about the industry on the “consumer” if not “recreational” level.

One of the largest bugbears is how both the plant and individual cannabinoids far from CBD are treated. For example, even <a aria-label=” (opens in

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