Seven Easy Ways to Add Cannabis to Coffee

Who doesn’t love a good cup of cannabis in the morning?

Smoking weed and sipping coffee is a fun way to sink into a morning, but the duo also pairs up well in the edibles arena. Cream, butter and sugar can all be infused with THC, and there are a handful of easy ways to add an ingestible shot of weed to your bean juice.

Cream or Milk
Infusing milk, half-and-half or condensed milk requires hovering to ensure that a skin doesn’t form, but the process is simple (especially if you have an automatic infusion machine). Grind up and decarboxylate your weed (bake it briefly for twenty to thirty minutes at about 280 degrees to activate the THC), and then add it to a simmering pot of milk or creamer. Let that puppy infuse for 35 to 45 minutes while stirring frequently, then strain out the plant matter.

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