Scared of a little spice? This Massachusetts cannabis dispensary has a ghost pepper edible for Halloween –

It’s not quite pumpkin spice, said Jodi Hylton of Garden Remedies, but this cannabis edible does have a flavor for the season.

Spooky season, that is.

Made with ghost pepper and capsaicin extract from a Massachusetts supplier, the “Spooky Spicy” gummy edible packs a punch of heat.

“At the end of the day, we do call it a challenge for a reason,” said Hylton, Garden Remedies’ product innovation manager.

The head of the kitchen at Garden Remedies is Le Cordon Bleu trained, Hylton said, and wanted to capitalize on a trend of spicy food challenges popping up. With Halloween around the corner, the concept for the product took shape.

“We know that ghost pepper is super hot,” Hylton said with no pun intended, “and while that is an added ingredient, the real heat comes from pure capsaicin.”

The gummies launched on Oct. 8. So far, even with a little trepidation from consumers wary of the spice, people have been excited to try something different, Hylton said.

Garden Remedies has been asking customers to post a video of themselves trying the edible with #spicygummychallenge. The company is sharing the videos on Instagram. They’ve also been promoting the item by parodying horror films with lines like “whatever you do,

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