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Coming in a step above the rest of the competition comes easy when your primary focus as a business is the experience, the relationships, and the community in which you serve. Such is the case with Sage Wellness Dispensary.

Sage Wellness Dispensary will guide you through the entire process of acquiring your marijuana medical card and help you find the suitable product for your needs. A staff of educated individuals who are trained to properly educate you in the world of cannabis products and the many treatment options available to you are at your disposal.

“It’s important that each person has a good experience when trying to find treatment options with cannabis,” said Sage Wellness Dispensary CEO and Founder, Talon Hull. “As such, we make sure our staff has the proper educational background and knowledge base to help someone make an educated and informed decision on what options they have,” he said.

Hull explained Sage Wellness Dispensary wants your experience in the cannabis industry to be a good one, so staff are trained to be knowledgeable and understanding of the many afflictions which ail people from day to day, and building relationships with these people is an integral part of

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