Red Light Holland Launches Magic Truffle Retail Sales

Recreational magic truffle producer Red Light Holland has launched its first retail product, announcing last week that sales of the company’s iMicrodose magic truffle microdosing kits have begun in the Netherlands. Red Light Holland describes the new product on its e-commerce website as a “a non-synthetic premium truffle microdosing kit to promote responsible use.”

The 15-gram kit of fresh, premium psilocybin truffles is available only in the Netherlands from retail stores and online. Like their culinary cousins, magic truffles are underground clumps of fungi that send up mushrooms under the right conditions. Red Light Holland announced in May that the company had been listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange with the goal of bringing magic truffles to the Netherlands retail market.

Red Light Holland Launches Magic Truffle Retail Sales

Courtesy of Red Light Holland Magic Truffles For Health

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