Psychedelics Legislation Advances in California

Earlier this year, I wrote a post entitled “California May Decriminalize Psychedelics”. Mypost discussed a piece of legislation that was introduced (SB-519), which would decriminalize a host of psychedelic drugs. You can read about what exactly SB-519 would do in my prior post, but I want to again emphasize that the bill in its current form will not legalize psychedelics, but will instead decriminalize (i.e., reduce or remove penalties) them. You can also read more about that in my prior post.

I noted back then that this was just the introduction of the bill and that people should not get their hopes up that the bill would pass in its current form, or at all. Since then, I’ve been happy to see the bill make its way through a series of committees within the California Senate. And most recently, on June 1, the California Senate voted 21-16 to pass the bill onto the California Assembly. For those of you who aren’t keyed into the legislative process, this is a big deal. Let’s break it down.

Like the federal government, California has two legislative bodies: the Senate and Assembly (sort of like the federal House of Representatives). Bills that are introduced

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