One Million Dollars Worth of Marijuana, Cocaine Washes Up on Alabama Beach

They weren’t treasure chests filled with gold bullion. But a pair of packages that washed up on an Alabama beach are worth at least as much. Police say the barnacle-covered bundles beach-goers discovered contained 86 pounds of cocaine and 21 pounds of marijuana. Law enforcement says the cannabis and cocaine have a combined street value of more than one million dollars. Now, federal agents and local law enforcement investigators are trying to trace the source of the drugs that washed ashore.

Alabama Beach-Goers Find Barnacle-Covered Drug Packages

Orange Beach Police in Alabama suspect the more than one million dollars worth of drugs that washed up on the beach had been in the water a long while. Pictures of the bundles show them covered in fraying cargo nets and plastic bags and teeming with sea life.

And so far, investigators have no leads as to who or how the drugs ended up on the shore. It’s not unheard of for drug smugglers to drop packages if they think Coast Guard or other authorities have the drop on them. Then again, rough waters could have simply tossed the valuable drug packages overboard. It’s all speculation at this point, however, with the Department

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