Officials discuss pot potential: Up to four marijuana dispensaries in Saugerties? – Hudson Valley One

Saugerties could have as many as four dispensaries selling recreational marijuana within the next two years, depending on the responses of citizens and the identification of suitable locations, Supervisor Fred Costello said Monday, October 25 at a town hall-style meeting to discuss new state legislation allowing marijuana growing, production and sales.

New York State law now allows adults to possess up to three ounces of cannabis “for recreational use,” according to the state office of cannabis management website.

Panel discussion

David Holland, President of the New York City Cannabis Industry Association and Vice President of the Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association, said at last week’s meeting that the industry is compartmentalized: cultivation, distribution, retail sales are separate and the grower is not allowed to sell retail. “There is a 13 percent tax on cannabis sales, nine percent to the state, three percent to the town or village and one percent to the county,” Holland said.  The money can be used for any municipal expense; it need not be earmarked for drug enforcement. Part of the portion that goes to the state comes back to the municipalities in funding for enforcement and education. The town can also control the location of

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