NJ cannabis regulatory committee meeting to grant legal marijuana licenses to medical dispensaries – News 12 Bronx

News 12 Staff

Oct 15, 2021, 12:47pm

Updated on: Oct 15, 2021, 12:47pm

New Jersey’s cannabis regulatory committee is set to meet today and it could grant as many as 24 new licenses to state marijuana dispensaries.

This will also better prepare the region for selling legal marijuana out of these same medical dispensaries.

Zen Leaf in Neptune Township opened last April, becoming only the second location near the shore region for residents to purchase medical marijuana.

Right now, there are only 23 dispensaries across New Jersey for the 117,000 medical card holders. Legal hold-ups and lawsuits delayed the awarding of licenses from late 2019 until now.

The regulatory committee is expected to grant up to eight licenses in North Jersey, eight in Central Jersey and eight in South Jersey. The majority will be for dispensaries, some will be for cultivation only, and the remainder will be for what’s known as vertically-integrated, which will allow businesses the ability to grow, cultivate, and sell marijuana.

Today’s meeting is scheduled to begin later this morning and last into the afternoon.

The public is invited to watch the meeting on Zoom.

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