New York’s Cannabis Control Board: Second Meeting News

Hot off its first meeting earlier this month, New York’s Cannabis Control Board (CCB) held its second meeting on October 21, 2021. As will be the case with all CCB meetings, it was broadcast live and a transcript of the meeting will be published here.

The CCB and the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) made several noteworthy announcements, which we will detail below. But we won’t bury the lede: still no clear statement on when we can expect the adult-use rules and regulations to be released.

Below is what we did learn.

The CCB and OCM are (Hopefully) Serious About Shutting Down Illegal Sales

In the last few weeks there have been lots of stories floating around about adult-use retail dispensaries operating in New York City, most notably Empire Cannabis Clubs. Our hope had been that the CCB and OCM responded quickly and decisively to shut down unlicensed adult-use dispensaries.

During the CCB meeting, Chairwoman Tremaine Wright definitively stated that all such activities are illegal and will be subject to “severe financial penalties” in the event operations continue. While the statement itself is great, we hope that the CCB and OCM, in conjunction with the New York State Attorney General,

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