New Mexico Just Officially Legalized Cannabis

It’s official: the leader of New Mexico just signed a cannabis bill into law, adding to the growing ranks of already legal U.S. states.

The law was signed this week by Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. With this new ruling, those 21 and up will be able to possess cannabis. Home growing will be legal, as will a regulated market that is projected to start in 2022. It will also allow for the expungement of past cannabis records. Those serving time for cannabis may also be eligible for resentencing.

While it’s still exciting that legal cannabis is official, Governor Lujan Grisham was definitely expected to sign. She has worked hard to push for legalization since she first got into office, even going so far as to call a special session to hear a legal cannabis bill. It was the House and Senate that were closer calls, but her signature still makes the New Mexico law official and ushers in a new era.

While New Mexico has had a medical cannabis program since 2007, for a long time, their acceptance of the plant stopped at medicine. Nearby states like California and Colorado have long since implemented recreational cannabis, but New Mexico is just now

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