Nebraska Working on Cannabis Ballot Initiative

Many states in the U.S. are joining the procession of legislative wins for cannabis that have been sweeping the nation, but Nebraska has never been a very likely contender, as they haven’t really made any strides in the cannabis realm so far. However, a state senator is currently drafting a ballot measure that could change that.

Already on deck for 2022 is the Nebraska Medical Marijuana Initiative, which could appear as an initiated constitutional amendment in November of 2022 if all goes according to plan for cannabis advocates. If either of these potential initiatives pass, the Nebraska Constitution would be amended, and cannabis would be added to it. The medical initiative already specifies allowance of medical cannabis “in all its forms,” making it a pretty robust medical measure, and the recreational measure would take this a step further.  

“The object of this petition is to allow persons in the State of Nebraska to have the right to cannabis in all its forms for medical purposes,” the proposed medical initiative states. 

Nebraska has only allowed hemp farming since 2019, so currently, only hemp and CBD are allowed in the state. Either of these measures passing would be a huge deal for

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