Nearly 500 Growers Receive Warning Letters from Humboldt County

Nearly 500 suspected cannabis growers in Humboldt County have received letters from local officials urging them to cease cultivation activities and warning of future enforcement if they fail to comply. The letters from the Commercial Cannabis Cultivation unit of Humboldt County Code Enforcement were sent last week to approximately 470 residents suspected of operating un-permitted marijuana growing operations.

“You are receiving this letter as a courtesy to inform you of what appears to have been an un-permitted commercial cannabis cultivation operation on your parcel,” the letter reads. “A county land use permit and a state license are both required to legally cultivate cannabis in Humboldt County, and our records indicate that neither exist for this property. While the overall cultivation area appears to be relatively small, it still requires an appropriate permit.”

Humboldt County Planning Director John Ford, who oversees the unit, said that the letters were sent out as a courtesy after residents requested at community meetings that the county warn suspected un-permitted cultivation operations before issuing abatement notices. The initiation of abatement proceedings can result in fines of up to thousands of dollars per day for violators.

The letters encouraged the recipients to immediately cease cannabis cultivation, remove

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