Mississippi Advocate Demands Cannabis Access: An Exclusive with Amy Smoot

Last month, the state of Mississippi held a meeting to discuss legalizing medical cannabis and why cannabis medicine is so essential for kids who suffer from seizures and other serious elements. High Times was contacted by cannabis warrior and concerned advocate Amy Smoot, who gave testimony at this meeting on behalf of three different families who had young children who couldn’t be treated with traditional pharmaceutical medications.

As a patient advocate and former emergency medical technician, Smoot has chatted with High Times to further discuss exactly what these families are up against and why these children’s stories are so important, one of whom is now an 8-year-old girl named Rylee.

As a family friend of a Rylee’s family since she was just a newborn, Smoot has seen first-hand, through Rylee’s story and others, how a lack of safe access to medical cannabis can have negative impacts. Without medical cannabis access in states like Mississippi families are forced to move elsewhere to access cannabis or else children are stuck taking pharmaceuticals that have unbearable side effects.

Mississippi Advocates Want Medicine

How did you feel about cannabis before you became an advocate and had the experiences you’ve had?  

I’ve thought for a long time (since I

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