Mexican Cannabis: Legalization is Happening! Are you Ready?

This week the Mexican Senate passed a bill containing a draft federal law for the regulation of cannabis (the “Cannabis Law”). The bill includes amendments to the General Health Law and the Federal Criminal Code and is amended by a helpful Annex. The Cannabis Law is being sent to the Mexican Lower Chamber (Cámara de Diputados) for discussion and hopefully, approval. This is very big news for the Mexican cannabis industry.

While the bill originally put on the floor for Senate approval has features we had seen coming (and perhaps some other, more disquieting, restrictions), the Annex was truly encouraging. If the Cannabis Law passes in the Lower Chamber we expect it to be published in tandem with the Medical Regulations discussed below, thereby legalizing the whole cannabis market for all uses in a single coup in Mexico.

A bit of context here: as we have previously reported on this blog, in 2017 amendments to the General Health Law and the Federal Criminal Code allowed: 1) limited cannabis use and consumption for qualified patients, 2) possession for undertaking medical research, and 3) import and export of medical cannabis products. In 2018, Mexico’s Supreme Court declared Mexico’s general prohibition against

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