Marijuana Dispensary May be Coming to Princeton Shopping Center – 94.5 PST

I asked a bunch of my friends who live in the area if they think a cannabis dispensary should come to Princeton New Jersey, and they all said yes. Why? “Because why not?” they said.

Unfortunately we don’t have the final say so. If it were up to us I’m sure there would be hundreds of dispensaries in the area. But that kind of stuff has been left up to Princeton’s Cannabis Task Force. And as of a few days ago, this task force decided to put a pause on bringing the marijuana business to Princeton, according to Patch.

According to Patch, every city in the state has a deadline of August 21 to decide whether or not to allow weed businesses in their township. And it looks like Princeton has opted-out. At least for now.

While there is nothing that can be done in the short term to bring a dispensary in a town that needs it the most, let me be the one to advocate for the idea to be discussed again in the future.

There are a lot of weed smokers in Princeton. I mean it is legal in New Jersey.

So having a dispensary would promote responsible marijuana use. Bottom line…it’s safer.

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