Man Charged with Robbing Marijuana Dispensary in Oakland – The People’s Vanguard of Davis

By Wendy Moya

ALAMEDA, CA – Officers from the Oakland Police Department testified in a trial here in Alameda County Superior Court this week for a man who allegedly robbed a marijuana dispensary—and a man outside in the parking lot—in Oakland.

According to key witnesses, the robbery took place on the evening of Sept. 24, 2019, by a suspect—later identified as Alvin Johnson—wielding a firearm.

According to the owner, who was later interviewed by police, the man allegedly stole over $5,000 from the business. He was also accused of stealing money from a man parked in the dispensary parking lot.

Officer Timothy Latibeaudiere of the Oakland Police Department testified he couldn’t recall the names of the seven victims off the top of his head; however, he notes that he wrote the names of the victims in the report.

Johnson’s attorney objected, pointing out a problem with the officer not being able to recall the names when prompted. However, the judge allowed the officer to read his report and repeat the names of the seven victims in court.

The defense attorney then asked for the names of the police officers who also responded to

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