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LivWell’s new store at 700 East 17th Avenue is complete.

Thomas Mitchell

Obtaining a license for a brand-new dispensary is difficult in Denver, where only a handful of such opportunities remain. But moving an existing store to a more desirable location is still a possibility.

That’s exactly what LivWell Enlightened Health began doing last year after receiving state and city approval to move from a location at 1660 Pearl Street to the intersection of East 17th Avenue and Washington Street. Colorado’s largest dispensary chain just finished the makeover, and the new, improved LivWell dispensary in Updown opened September 21 at 700 East 17th Avenue, with a grand opening planned for Saturday, October 2.

The store replaces the Pearl Street location as LivWell’s 21st dispensary in Colorado, and marks the second time the company has moved store licencses within Denver. Last year, LivWell moved a store from 3980 Franklin Street to 6651 North Tower Road, in the process

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