L.A. Cannabis: Is An Overhaul on the Horizon?

The Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) in the City of Los Angeles is making a big push for a comprehensive overhaul of certain parts of the City’s cannabis licensing protocols and its Social Equity Program. Los Angeles has been through the ringer on cannabis legal reform from the inception of the passage of Measure M back in March 2017.

The long and the short of it is that L.A. has three licensing phases for doing cannabis business in the City. Phase One was for existing medical marijuana dispensaries. Phase Two was for non-retail, existing operators in the City that also met certain Social Equity components pursuant to the City’s Social Equity laws and regulations. And Phase Three is currently split up into three separate categories:

Round 1 retail licensing first come, first serve basis for 100 tier 1 and/or 2 Social Equity applicants a quasi-merit-based Round 2 for 150 retail tier 1 and/or 2 Social Equity applicants; and Round 3 to the general public for all license types (where licenses would be issued on a two to one ratio for Social Equity businesses and non-Social Equity businesses).

Phases One and Two have come and gone. Phase Three, Round 1 occurred

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