Kind Farma Dispensary in Davis continues to grow – Woodland Daily Democrat

Suppose you have been in the market recently for any safe and established cannabis products and live in Davis. In that case, you probably know all about the plethora of options the city and surrounding areas offer.

Davis has unique, friendly, and overall great dispensaries scattered about town, but one dispensary that has received praise and recognition from its fans via local awards and voting is Kind Farma Dispensary.

The Dispensary, located at 946 Olive Dr., has not yet been around for two full years, but in that time, it has managed to win “Best of Yolo County” in the retail and shopping dispensary category as deemed by voters, in 2020 and is in contention for 2021.

“Being from here, I think Yolo County is one of the best places to live in the world,” said Kind Farma President Tim Schimmel. “As much as I would like to thank our customers from Davis, I know that our dispensary right now was voted ‘Best in Yolo’ last year because we get a lot of support from places like Woodland, Dunnigan, Zamora, Esparto, and Winters. So I want to emphasize thanking the entire Yolo County community for their support.”

Why is it so

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