Is Weed A Coping Mechanism For Bisexual People?

While we’ve made notable strides, it’s safe to say that 2023 is still a tricky time for queer people and their basic human right to exist, let alone thrive. And so, coping mechanisms are necessary, whether they be family support systems, talk therapy, or, well, weed.

This recent small but enlightening study found that individuals who identify as bisexual used cannabis more frequently than their counterparts of other sexual orientations. The study, wittily titled “The Pot at the End of the Rainbow,” pulled survey data from 10 universities and analyzed responses from 4,700 college students aged 18-30. According to the report, coping was one of the leading motives for cannabis use among this group of participants. The data also reflected higher rates of anxiety, depression, cannabis use disorder, and risk of suicide within this demographic. Before we dive into the analysis, it’s important to note that all the data collected was self-reported by participants.

Still, the report shed light on two important topics for young people right now. First, weed is not just a hobby for many people — it’s a way to self-soothe. Researchers were concerned, however, that their bisexual participants reported that they not only use flower and edibles,

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