Interest is high in Ohio’s latest wave of marijuana dispensary licenses – Crain’s Cleveland Business

It seems interest in Ohio’s latest round of marijuana dispensary licenses is sky high.

According to one Cleveland-area real estate broker, there may in fact be “thousands” of parties at least curious about nabbing one of just 73 new licenses coming available in the state.

“I would guess it’s thousands because everyone I talk to has had dozens of these calls,” one broker told me on background. “I think everyone knows one of these licenses could be a gold mine.”

Naturally, some are much more serious than others. But the pace of of inquiries about available space for these retail stores speaks volumes.

Ohio Marijuana Cards

Increasingly positive sentiments about marijuana in the country coupled with a promising outlook for adult-use legalization seems to be leading to even more competition to claim a piece of this burgeoning industry in Ohio.

The new lottery-based award system for licenses undoubtedly is playing a role, as well as that eliminates any preferential treatment larger and more experienced applicants might draw — as compared with the first round of licensing that ranked applications based on a scoring system, which gave established companies an edge.

According to pharmacy data, close to 200 applications are,

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