ICYMI: Here Comes California-Certified “Comparable-to-Organic” Cannabis

Due to the federal illegality of cannabis, cannabis businesses don’t receive normal treatment from the federal government (with maybe one or two exceptions, like the NLRB and the 2014 FinCEN guidance for access to financial institutions). This obviously mucks up the ability of a cannabis business to operate in a consistent and reliable way, and it can make it difficult for cannabis businesses to really stand out when it comes to the creation of household names and brands.

In particular, other, federally legal businesses in the agricultural world are freely able to use the term “organic” on their comestible products so long as they adhere to U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) protocols and regulations. Not so for your average cannabis farmer or distributor. At the same time, to assist cannabis cultivators and other cannabis licensees with economic survival and product recognition as well as establishing more comprehensive standards for product quality, individual states have contemplated pseudo-organic certification programs under state law (like Washington State). California is leading the way though as the first state to have a “organic” certification program comparable to the Feds that will go live in 2021.

Back to federal law. Labeling a product as “organic”

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