GW Pharmaceuticals Wins the Queens Prize for Innovation

The British cannabis pharmaceutical company takes home an award that demonstrates how important cannabis has been to the British economy for over 20 years—but also how much it so far has been reserved, as an industry, and as a drug, for the elite

Here is the intriguing part of this story. GW Pharmaceuticals was just awarded a so-called “Queen’s Prize for Innovation.” 

The company, which is one of the oldest medical cannabis companies on the planet, only got its license to operate (in the UK) at the turn of this century. For a long time, it was the only viable (legal) cannabis entity in the country. 

It came into existence in a rather unique way. Rather than going head-to-head with other well-funded competitors in some US state auction while facing down the DEA or buying out a patient collective or two in Canada, the process was a bit simpler. The founders, Cambridge grads, were given a license by the Home Office.

However, for most of its existence, the company produced products not for domestic consumption, but rather for export. Indeed, GW Pharma has sold its products globally, placing the UK in the position of being the country that exported the most medical cannabis in

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