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A serial suer has targeted a California cannabis dispensary, the fourth business in the San Luis Obispo area he’s filed a lawsuit against, for alleged gender discrimination. Apparently it was ladies’ night, and the feeling was not right (for him).


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The Frye fest

According to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, Steve Frye, a former member of the National Coalition for Men, took action against Megan’s Organic Market and its owner, Megan Souza, over a 16% discount offered to women every Monday night. 

In the lawsuit, he says he went to Megan’s one day in June and witnessed women getting the discount, but it was not “offered” to him. The original advertisement read: “On average, women make $.84 for every dollar their male counterparts make…As a company that is founded, majority owned, and managed by women, we think this is absurd. So every Monday…we’re offering women 16% off their purchase.” 

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For women (not just women, though), by women

It was also noted on the ad that the discount wasn’t solely for women.

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