Despite popular opinion, cannabis dispensaries face an uncertain Monterey City Council. – Monterey County Weekly

Monterey City Council’s move in early May to postpone a long-simmering decision on whether to allow commercial cannabis shops distanced the elected officials from the results of a citywide survey. The council is set to revisit the question on Tuesday, Aug. 17.

Roughly 58 percent of respondents in a citywide survey said they want commercial cannabis in town. However, two central questions were left lingering following City Council’s May 4 discussion about dispensaries: where and how many? Based on third-party analysis of where would offer the most value to the city, staff proposed one dispensary for each of three locations: Cannery Row, Lighthouse Avenue and downtown, with the exception of the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare, Alvarado Street.

Cannery Row business and neighborhood interests raised Cain over the possibility of seeing a dispensary along the tourism strip. City Council members also directed city staff to conduct some public engagement about placing a dispensary in the North Fremont district.

Assistant City Manager Nat Rojanasathira says city staff are not changing their recommendation when they return to City Council. He says they found through town halls that businesses and neighbors in the North Fremont district did not want a cannabis shop in the area. There was also

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