Columbus Lawmakers Vote in Favor of Reducing Penalties for Marijuana Possession

On Monday night, Columbus City Council voted to make Ohio’s capital the state’s latest city to lower penalties for possessing marijuana. Monday’s vote came on the heels of a public hearing during which Columbus residents expressed their support for the decriminalization proposal. The approved ordinance significantly overhauls penalties for possessing marijuana in Columbus, Ohio.

Possession up to 100 grams now carries a fine of just $10, while possession between 100 and 200 grams carries a $25 fine. Neither possession charge carries the possibility of jail time, but possession over 200 grams would still constitute a felony under Ohio law. But unlike a recent decriminalization ordinance passed in Cincinnati, Ohio that cut provisions for criminal record expungement at the last minute, Columbus’ new decriminalization measure sets aside $120,000 to help people seal past marijuana convictions. The new rules are scheduled to go into effect in 30 days.

Columbus City Council Reduces Fines and Eliminates Jail for Marijuana Possession

Ohio’s largest municipalities aren’t waiting for state lawmakers to legalize cannabis. Instead, they’re passing their own decriminalization ordinances to reduce fines and penalties for marijuana possession. Columbus City Council’s move to decriminalize possession follows Cincinnati, which decriminalized possession up to 100 grams in

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