Coloradans Capitalizing on Oklahoma's Legalization of Marijuana – Kgab

The state of Oklahoma recently legalized marijuana and because of this, many Coloradans that have experience with the plant are looking to capitalize on the new law.

Colorado was one of the first states in the country to legalize marijuana for recreational use back in 2012 and ever since, the decision has proved to be quite lucrative for those involved in the industry but for the state as well due to the immense amount of tax revenue generated from sales.

Since then, many other states have followed suit, including, most recently, the state of Oklahoma.

Because of this, and likely the close proximity of Oklahoma to the Centennial State, Coloradans are now buying up land en masse in order to capitalize on the newly passed law.

In addition, since legalizing the plant, Oklahoma has some of the most relaxed policies with regard to marijuana. For example, the state will not be placing limits on how many plants can be grown as well as no limit as to how many dispensaries will be allowed to set up shop in the state.

Those policies, combined with the fact that Oklahoma has considerably lower prices for land than Colorado, have attracted many who are already involved in the

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