City Council Amendments to Cannabis Ordinance Will Allow More Dispensaries – Pasadena Now – Pasadena Now

Following a second reading conducted by the City Council on Monday, Pasadena’s amended cannabis ordinance will increase the number of dispensaries allowed in the city and change the distance requirements between those outlets.

The new regulations will allow the number of cannabis retailers to increase from one to three in each of the city’s seven council districts and decrease the required distance between retailers from 1,000 feet to 450 feet. 

Last week, a divided council voted in favor of the changes with Councilmembers John Kennedy, Felicia Williams and Gene Masuda opposing the measure. 

“It’s discriminatory. No African Americans or Latinos are in the queue to receive a license,” Kennedy said. 

African Americans and Latinos bore the brunt of law enforcement actions for then-illegal cannabis activities for decades, but now are being cut out of the economic advantages of selling cannabis legally in many communities.

In Pasadena, it cost $14,000 just to enter the city’s cannabis approval process.

The city isn’t expected to consider implementing a social equity program for the cannabis trade until sometime next year. 

In 2018, voters approved Measure CC, which allows a maximum of six dispensaries and requires each shop to maintain a distance from other

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