CBD and Diet Help Mother Treat Daughter’s Autism

With its potential to effectively manage health conditions Western medicine struggles to address, cannabidiol (CBD) use has exploded. Among other things, CBD has been found to be especially beneficial in helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASP), a condition that can severely impair an individual’s ability to communicate and socialize.

Author Laura Lagano says it works for her daughter Isabella’s case of autism. A registered dietician and cannabis consultant, she’s trained to understand the role of integrative food and nutrition in improving an individual’s health.

Lagano, who believes autism is a confluence of symptoms that affect the whole body rather than merely a neurological disorder, has employed “alternative options for Isabella since she was four and now she’s 23,” she tells Freedom Leaf.

Initially, pharmaceutical drugs made Isabella’s behavior worse. By the time she was four, she was on three medications. So Lagano took action, and in 2014 began including CBD in Isabella’s regimen. She adds it to her smoothies.

“My daughter took me on this journey,” Lagano says. “She’s the reason why I decided to explore cannabis. Motherhood is a bumpy ride.”

Isabella was born with a case of ASP that caused her to have seizures that sometimes

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