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‘There’s a lot of money to be made here,’ says Inuvik town councillor.

Wednesday marks six months since cannabis was legalized in Canada. At least one entrepreneur in the Northwest Territories hoped to be selling cannabis in a retail location by now, but he’s not.

“April 17th, they were supposed to start handing out licences, we thought — or we hoped — in the city [Yellowknife], but nobody seems to know,” said Luke Wood, president of Releaf NT.

“It could be months away yet.”

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Dietary supplement retailer the Vitamin Shoppe started selling CBD soft gels this week, making it the latest major chain in the United States to begin carrying products made with the cannabinoid. But unlike competing stores such as Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens, which are only selling topical products so far, the Vitamin Shoppe is carrying CBD supplements designed to be taken orally.

Vitamin Shoppe CEO Sharon Leite said in an email that the company’s clientele has shown a keen interest in CBD.

“The customer relationship is the cornerstone of The Vitamin Shoppe’s reinvention, and our customers have told us loud and clear they want CBD,” Leite said.

Vitamin Shoppe stores in 14 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico began selling Irwin Naturals soft gels with full-spectrum hemp extract this week. And later this month, the chain will add Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Broad Spectrum CBD Extract soft gels and liquid drops to the product line in those stores. Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide began selling hemp extract essential oils last month.

“Our goal at The Vitamin Shoppe is to be first to market with innovative, high-quality products, as well as provide our customers the education, guidance, and services essential to

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Cypress Hill will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday, making them the first Latino hip-hop group to receive the distinction. Their star, the 2,660th on the iconic Walk of Fame, is in the Recording category and will be dedicated at a ceremony to be held Thursday morning.

“We are proud to honor the first Latino American hip-hop recording group,” said Ana Martinez, the producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a press release. “They have been successful as a group for three decades and we know they will continue their success for many years to come.”

The induction ceremony will be hosted by Rana Ghadban, president and CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, who will be joined by George Lopez and Xzibit for the unveiling of the star. Cypress Hill will celebrate the event with a show at the famous Whiskey a Go Go on Sunset Boulevard Thursday night. They are also scheduled to perform at a 4/20 festival at Sunset Beach Park in Vancouver, British Columbia on Saturday, although park officials on Monday asked organizers of the free event to drop them from the lineup in an effort to control

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Legislation to allow parents to administer limited forms of marijuana to their children on school property has passed the state Senate, along with a proposal for new marijuana testing rules.

CBD tincture.

Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers described the school bill as aimed at students that need medical marijuana for relief from chronic illnesses, reports the Associated Press. The bill would allow marijuana-infused products, but specifically bans smoking pot and products high in the psychoactive chemical THC. Instead, lawmakers said the bill was oriented toward allowing marijuana bred for its medicinal properties, including strains high in the non-intoxicating chemical CBD.

“THC is what recreational users use to get high,” said Republican Sen. Ann Rivers of La Center. “You could eat CBD all day long and never cop a buzz.”

Both THC and CBD are present in varying amounts in most cannabis, but unlike recreational marijuana, most medical strains of the plant are bred to have little or none of the psychoactive chemical THC. Having parents administer the drug keeps school officials including nurses out of the equation, a response to questions over liability or licensure.

The bill also contains a trigger clause that would suspend the new

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New research from the University of Colorado indicates that cannabis may increase the enjoyment of physical activity and help motivate users to exercise. A summary of the research was released recently and the full results of the study will be published soon by the medical journal Frontiers in Public Health.

The researchers wrote that the study of cannabis use in the context of health behaviors such as exercise engagement “is becoming increasingly relevant as cannabis legalization continues, a situation that has been associated with increased initiation of use among adults, and increased potency of available products in legalized states.”

To conduct the study, researchers enlisted 600 cannabis users to complete an online survey about the relationship between athletic activity and their cannabis use. More than eight out of 10 of the surey’s respondents, who were recruited from states where cannabis consumption is legal, said that pot can lead to a better exercise experience.

“Results indicated that the majority (81.7%) of participants endorsed using cannabis concurrently with exercise, and those who did tended to be younger and more likely to be male,” wrote the authors of the study.

“Furthermore, participants reported that cannabis use increased the amount of exercise in which

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Netflix just dropped the official trailer for Grass is Greener, a new documentary that takes a hard-hitting look at how weed—and the war against it—has indelibly shaped American music, culture and more. Directed and narrated by filmmaker and all around hip hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy, Grass is Greener aims to educate audiences not just about the history of marijuana in America, but also how that history is impacting the push for legalization and the development of the cannabis industry today. The feature length documentary, Fab 5 Freddy’s directorial debut, will start streaming, as it should, on April 20.

Fab 5 Freddy Directs Doc Featuring Snoop Dogg, Chuck D, Killer Mike and More

Champions of marijuana legalization and advocates of drug policy and criminal justice reform do what they do because they know about the brutal and racist history of the war on drugs. Even everyday cannabis consumers, especially if they’ve lived under prohibition, likely have some sense of the vast inequalities created and perpetuated by drug law enforcement.

But as a massive legal industry emerges from the shadows of the underground trade, it’s important not to forget where it all came from. Legalization doesn’t erase or correct the wrongs

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Fibromyalgia and a stroke in my 20s leave me in chronic pain – but after my landmark cannabis prescription was overruled, I refuse to go back to my costly prescription.

In 1928, following centuries of cannabinoids being used in medicine, the UK made the decision to reclassify cannabis as an illegal substance based on its psychoactive effects, instead opting for other equally psychoactive compounds as legitimate medicine. Examples include anaesthetics, analgesics, anticonvulsants and anti-Parkinson drugs as well as medications used to treat neuropsychiatric disorders, such as antidepressants, anxiolytics, antipsychotics, and stimulant medications.

Though the House of Lords science and technology select committee first recommended legalising cannabis for medicinal use in 1998, it still took until 2018 for patients to get legal medicine into individual patients’ hands. That was a very long twenty years for patients who, in the interim, had to rely on pharmaceutical drugs with often devastating side effects.

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Cannabis producer Beleave plans to hire 240 employees at its planned south London greenhouse and outdoor cultivation operation, the company’s chief executive says.

London is very progressive in its view of this industryBill Panagiotakopoulos
Beleave bought the former Heritage Garden Gallery greenhouse in September, paying $6.7 million for the 34-hectare property at 6867 Wellington Rd. South.

City hall issued a building permit to the company earlier this month to begin renovations on the 23,000-square-metre greenhouse, Beleave said.

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The Missouri Department of Transportation announced on Monday the state’s law enforcement officers will be out in full force this weekend, patrolling for drivers who are high after celebrating the 420 holiday. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDoT) noted in a press release that “while cannabis is now legalized for recreational and medicinal use in many states, it is still illegal in all states to drive under the influence of it” and that police would be especially on the lookout for stoned drivers on Friday and Saturday, April 19 and 20. The 420 drugged-driving enforcement campaign has been dubbed ‘Drive High, Get a DUI’ by the agency.

Jon Nelson, MoDOT assistant to the state highway safety and traffic engineer, said that the agency wanted residents of the state to consider what is at stake when drivers are impaired.

“Driving drug-impaired or riding with someone who is drug-impaired is not worth the risk,” said Nelson. “Not only do you risk killing yourself or someone else, but the trauma and financial costs of a crash or an arrest for driving while substance-impaired can be significant. The consequences are serious and real.”

The Toll of Impaired Driving

Last year in Missouri, 78 people

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