Cannabis Smoking Lounges Finally Approved By Denver City Council

In honor of this very special, 4/20, semi-post-pandemic holiday week, the city of Denver has an exciting announcement. On Monday, Denver City Council approved cannabis smoking lounges. This exciting news coincided perfectly with the cannabis holiday, getting city residents excited for what is to come.

There are already some businesses in Denver that have been holding their breath, ready and excited to pivot as soon as local law allows. The Tetra Lounge in RiNo is just one example of a private club, like many of the clubs that already exist in Denver. Out-of-towners can’t just stop in and get high, as a membership is needed, and this has been one of the major criticisms so far of the legal cannabis industry in Colorado and Denver. There still isn’t really a sustainable, legal place for tourists to smoke. 

With this new ordinance passing in the city of Denver, it will now be fully legal to go in and enjoy a cannabis smoking lounge just as a guest stopping by. This is a smart move for rebuilding the economy and tourism in Colorado, as there will now be many more options for visiting folks. 

“I love it,” said an unnamed individual at The Tetra Lounge

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