Cannabis Legalization Measures On The Ballot In 5 States

The 33 states with some form of legal cannabis could gain additional company this election season as voters in five states consider ballot measures to legalize marijuana. Three states will see initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana, another will decide on the medicinal use of cannabis, while the fifth will consider separate measures for both.

Arizona, Montana, New Jersey To Decide On Adult-Use Pot

Voters in three states will vote on measures to legalize recreational marijuana. In Arizona, Proposition 207, the Smart and Safe Act, will be on the ballot. If passed, the initiative would allow adults 21 and older to possess, consume, or transfer up to one ounce of cannabis. Home cultivation of up to six plants per adult or 12 plants per household with more than one adult would be permitted. Prop. 207 would also create a regulatory system for the commercial production and sale of cannabis products, including social equity provisions to help ensure a cannabis industry that is representative of the community. The initiative also allows for the expungement of past convictions for marijuana offenses. The measure would generate an estimated $300 million in taxes yearly, which would be used to help fund community colleges, public health,

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