Cannabis Grower Launches One Of Canada’s Largest Rooftop Solar Facilities

It’s no secret that energy-hungry indoor grows have a heavy environmental cost. In Canada, it is estimated that cannabis cultivation ate up the same amount of energy as 1.7 million homes — and that figure comes from 2017, before the country’s federal legalization of marijuana.

At least one company is taking steps towards addressing the problem. Freedom Cannabis, which is expecting its first crop this December, has installed what representatives describe as one of the largest solar operations in the country, comprised of 4,574 solar modules equipped to produce at best, 1,830 kilowatts, an offset of 1,041 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Freedom has also installed a system to recycle 80 percent of the water employed by the company’s agricultural process.

“It is our responsibility to recognize our industry’s impact on the environment and work to do everything we can to minimize it,” said the company’s co-founder and executive director Troy Dezwart. He added that cannabis is one of the world’s most energy intensive industries, and that by installing the solar panels, Freedom will be saving money.

Saving Energy Comes at a High Cost

But though the vast solar installation certainly makes sense for our planet’s bottom line, its effect

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