Cannabis Cultivators Suffer Devastation as Wildfires Rage in the West

CANNABIS CULTURE – Wildfires are still ravaging the western portion of the United States, where nearly 60 percent of the cannabis industry’s operations are located. This is potentially a crushing blow to smaller cannabis cultivators who don’t have the enormous financial backing of corporations like Cronos Group or GW Pharmaceuticals; but community and grit keep cultivators moving forward without an ounce of hesitation.

“I don’t have any quit in me,” said Jon Erskine, owner of Green American Farm in Talent, Oregon. On September 8th, Erskine sipped coffee in his truck parked on I-5 as he watched helicopters fight 50 mph winds to dump water on the fire that ravaged his farm’s community. 

Left to right from the top: Grass Roots Nursery courtesy of Rowshan Rerodan, Green American Farm courtesy of Jon Erskine, JJ’s Farm courtesy of Rowshan Reordan, and another of Green American Farm courtesy of Jon Erskine

By the time it was safe enough for Erskine to return, half of his recreational marijuana plants and his brand new, $60 thousand drying facility had been incinerated. Erskine was waiting for his partners to return from out of town to sign

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