Can We All Cool It with the Cannabis Puns Please?

I recently received a random marketing email in which I was greeted with the word “high” in place of the word “hi”. My first reaction was a long, visceral cringe. My second was the thought, “hey, if I – just a lowly cannabis industry lawyer and not an actual cannabis industry stakeholder – am so off-put by this cannabis pun, imagine what actual people in the cannabis industry would think!” Today, I’m not going to analyze any complex cannabis law or policy issue, but instead talk about one of my biggest pet peeves (bad cannabis puns!), and I’m going to beg everyone to quit it already. Please!

If you talk to anyone in the cannabis industry who has been doing it for a while and/or who is very successful, you’ll see that they rarely, if ever, use cannabis puns. To them, the industry is a way of life, a career. It is not a punchline or something to downplay or trivialize. Many of these folks feel suspicious of the sudden influx of people into the industry who, just a few years ago, may have been against cannabis and/or are now trying to capitalize on the “green rush” and make a

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