California Claims Cannabis Billboards Have Been Displayed Improperly

California just made a significant ruling that is bad for cannabis advertisers who favor the billboard format, but good for those who want to see more regulation. Apparently, officials have been allowing highway-facing billboards that should have been banned on the 2016 bill that legalized recreational cannabis. 

The ruling was made by San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Ginger E. Garrett, who judged that the Bureau of Cannabis Control “exceeded their authority in promulgating the advertisement placement regulation” when they allowed billboards to be displayed in certain areas that have been ruled off-limits by the state. 

According to the Ruling made in 2016, 4,315 miles of interstate highways have to be cannabis-billboard free, including stretches of major roads like I-5 and I-80. The suit was brought up by Matthew Farmer, a California man who was worried about his teen and pre-teen seeing cannabis ads.

“He remembered that in the proposition it said that there would not be any advertising to children,” the ruling claimed, “and that there specifically would not be advertising on interstate highways and the major state highways that get all the way to the border, like 101.”

There is currently no set-in-stone plan of how the state

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