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Some brands just seem to have an innate sense for how to make it to the top. They’re able to attract the old guard with a classic panache while at the same time appealing to hipsters who seek a bougie vibe.

Canadian dispensary chain Burb passes the test, blending trendy retail with onsite spaces where artists can create and collaborate and industry members can network and build brands. From consumption lounges and live-music nights to a bud bar and a new location that will go down in history as the first on-campus dispensary in Canada, Burb’s many ventures unite communities and walk the line between the OG “heady” weed world and the new consumer.


Launched in 2017, Burb’s first goal was to keep alive the connection between the arts and cannabis. After witnessing what he called “one too many” corporate operations move in with limited industry knowledge, Burb’s founding team of hardcore connoisseurs felt it was their duty to build a brand that revolved around legacy and community.

“It all centers around art and creation,” said John Kaye, co-founder, chief executive officer, and creative director. “I’m a musician, and our whole team really loves music. We look

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