Brick Approves Settlement With Owner of Proposed Marijuana Dispensary – Shorebeat

The site of a now-abandoned plan to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Brick at 385 Adamston Road. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

The Brick Township council on Wednesday night, on advice of their attorney and the township’s zoning board, agreed to settle litigation brought by the owner of a proposed medical marijuana dispensary and grow house – a project that has since been abandoned.

The owner, Anne Davis, is selling the property – a former OceanFirst bank branch – at 385 Adamston Road, where the facility had been proposed. It was to be known as “Jersey Shore Therapeutic Health Care.”

Davis faced significant backlash from neighbors since the building is located in a residential area, adjacent to blocks of homes. She and her staff testified that the business would, arguably, generate less traffic than a bank and the facility would have been secured with the bank’s internal vault to prevent robberies or other safety issues, but residents hired attorneys to formally object to the plan, placing roadblock after roadblock in the way of the project.

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